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2:10: Despite eating well and doing many things right, Dr. Christine gives advice for this 20-year old college student who struggles with bad breath.

2:27: The most infected area of your entire body is not what you may think… Dr. Christine reveals the answer plus discusses how chewing this tropical oil daily is one of the healthiest practices.

3:57: Why adding 1-3 drops of this Biblical oil is helpful to fight infections, abscesses, and more

6:14: Need fresh breath? Sprinkle this common green or toss this aromatic seed into you mouth and feel the herbal confidence.

7:05: Trouble swallowing or having nasty phlegm? Dr. Christine dishes on the duo you need now.

9:19: Enteritis anyone? Dr. Christine mentions some hidden reasons for intestinal inflammation. Hint: They may be on your lawn.

11:53: Lectins are dangerous? Absolute bull. Find out what digests lectins and enjoy your tomato seeds and cashews once and for all.

17:35: Diatomaceous Earth 101. From collagen-stimulating to skin, hair, and nail boosting. Dr. Christine dials in the diatomaceous deets.

19:32: The typical human body contains 7 grams of this essential nutrient. Without it, parasites, and heavy metals would accumulate.

22:30: What vitamin thickens the cell membranes and helps to protects your gut? Dr. Christine will let you know how it also is the indicator of a highly functioning immune system.

24:30: Why these 2 foods are necessary for a healthy, hot, and sexy marriage.

25:00: Sources of healthy fats, fibers, and proteins to keep your furnace organ happy.

26:12 Why eating a giant plate of this easy food every day is your best source of calcium.

32:10: How a leaky gut occurs when these tiny protective gates in the small intestines are breached. Is YOUR intestinal fortress flooded by these everyday enemies?

33:50: Intermittent Fasting: What Dr. Christine has to say about it as well as what 3-day health practice is even mightier.

34:36: Dr. Christine’s #1 recommended resource to achieve the ultimate physiological rest.

35:37: Leg Cramps keeping you up at night? Dr. Christine talks about the common culprit you may be overlooking.
36:23 Your most elegant electrical supply and its connection to mind and body.

40:14: Barrett’s Esophagus: The 3 categories of stress that cause it and how to use the right foods to fix it.

43:01: “ Kale is the devil!” Silly fear tactics and backward thinking MD’s use to prevent you from eating plants.

43:41: What to do to best avoid yeast die-off effects and symptoms.

44:41: My sequential approach to cleaning up the immune system and why I do not immediately recommend probiotics to new patients.

45:28: Why flat-footed people are more prone to allergies.

46:00: How carbohydrate and protein digestive deficiencies create stronger histamine responses.

47:20: Ice or Heat? Protocols you must know to save yourself from pinched nerves and painful muscles.

49:28: What body part has shown me more about how healthy or diseased a person may be.

52:02: What specialized enzyme is necessary to quickly combat allergies.
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I have my energy back and don’t feel exhausted and irritated anymore. 
I am soooo grateful for Dr. Christine’s help, care and products! They are life changing!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!
- Bogi, Canada
I’m a retired RN, so I always thought the medical community was the only way to go. Now...I will be her “patient” for life! I’m 74 now and back to riding my horses, taking care of my dog, cats and chickens And I still have my gallbladder!
- Shirley, Ohio
Amazing…Love it. Believe it 100%. 

Had some personal shrinkage with issues I have had with my uterus after starting your products. 
Food is medicine.
- Tracy - All Rights Reserved